Latest update on re-ranking of ST3 applications

We are committed to providing regular updates about the re-running of ST3 offers and below is the text of an email sent to candidates this afternoon. Previous updates are available on our news  page.

We are writing to update you on the current position around ST3 recruitment. We reiterate our apologies for the anxiety and uncertainty this situation has created. Your health and wellbeing is important to us and we wish to highlight again the BMA the counselling service for anyone who is struggling (

  • What’s happening next

Later this evening, we will start sending out revised scores and rankings. This will happen over a period of around an hour so not everyone will get the email at the same time. If your ranking has changed, please do not worry at this stage as it may not change the offer you get.

As in the offers process run previously, it can takes multiple rounds of offers before you receive one. This may be in the second or subsequent rounds. We will provide further guidance at the time the offers process starts tomorrow (Thursday 10 May).

  • How you can help your colleagues

If you receive an offer but do not plan to take it up, actively declining it, rather than letting the offer expire, will mean the offers process can move more quickly for others. Equally, if you receive an offer tomorrow, the quicker you accept or hold the sooner we will have a more accurate picture of the level of impact on all trainees applying and be able to communicate that to all trainees affected by the re-running of the offers process.

As we said before, if you have friends and colleagues who are affected but may not have heard, please try and alert them.

  • FAQs

If you have not seen them, and have questions, do please check the FAQs ( that we published yesterday. If your query is not answered by one of these, then please email We continue to respond to emails, although there may be a delay in getting a response depending on the complexity of your questions.

Please note that future emails will only be sent to those being considered in the offers process.

Yours sincerely

RCP president, Professor Jane Dacre

RCP registrar, Dr Andrew Goddard