ST3 2017 R2 interview dates now published

Most of the interview dates for the specialties running in round 2 of ST3 recruitment in 2017 have now been confirmed. These can be found within the 'Interview dates & posts' section of each specialty’s page.

Below is a list of specialties which are confirmed will not be participating in round 2 this year:

  • audiovestibular medicine
  • cardiology
  • clinical genetics
  • clinical neurophysiology
  • medical oncology 
  • medical ophthalmology

Although the majority of interview dates are available, interview dates for genitourinary medicine, geriatric medicine and sport and exercise medicine are being confirmed. It is anticipated that these should be available by the application opening date and will be added as they are received.

Please note that information can be subject to change. Should the published interview date for any specialty change, or a specialty changes whether or not it is participating in the round, there will be a news item to highlight this.