ST3 2018 round 2 job adverts/resp med and CPT interview date change

ST3 2018 round 2 job adverts have been published on the NHS Jobs website, and the links for all of them can be found on the ST3 adverts page of our website.

Interview dates are available on the 'Interview dates & posts' section of each specialty page. Post numbers are anticipated to be published by the application opening date, and they will be added as and when they are received from the relevant region.

Please be aware that the round 2 interview dates for respiratory medicine and CPT have been changed. Respiratory medcine has changed from 4 & 5 October to 3 & 4 October in Severn, and CPT has changed from 25 September to 14 September in London. A revised version of the addendum to the applicant's guide is now available in the documents library, but please note that these are the only changes that have been made to the document.