ST3 offers update

The first iteration of offers was released as planned on Thursday 10 May. We are on track with our published timetable and the second iteration of offers will go out on Tuesday 15 May. It is expected that in the second iteration many offers will be upgraded (for those who held and opted in for upgrades) and new offers will be made. We recognise that for those trainees who have not yet received an offer, or received a different offer from the first time the process was run, this will be an anxious time and we apologise for this situation.

We are working in partnership with the BMA and are grateful for them providing access to their dedicated team of advisers for trainees who are affected. They are on hand to provide career coaching sessions, planning advice and counselling. They will also be able to liaise directly with the RCP, or the teams managing offers for clinical oncology and intensive care medicine, to seek advice on behalf of trainees:

If you have questions about the offers process please check our frequently asked questions document, which was updated on Thursday 10 May with a new section specifically addressing issues around offers. If you still have questions you are welcome to contact us on, although please note that individual situations will become clearer after each iteration of offers.

If you receive an offer but do not plan to take it up, actively declining it, rather than letting the offer expire, will mean the offers process can move more quickly for others. Equally, the more quickly you accept or hold an offer, the sooner we will have a more accurate picture of the level of impact on all trainees. However, if you need the time allocated before the offer expires to make a decision, please do so.

We continue to work closely with Health Education England, NHS Education for Scotland, Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency and the Wales Deanery to manage the re-offers process.

Yours sincerely

Jane Dacre, RCP president

Andrew Goddard, RCP registrar