2020 ST3 Recruitment - application scoring matrix update

The application scoring section of the website has been provisionally updated for 2020 recruitment. Updates are in line with changes made for internal medicine training (IMT) recruitment, which opens on 7 November. It is possible that there could be further changes to the scoring matrix prior to applications opening for round 1, so it is advised to check back when when making an application to ensure you are referring to the latest guidance.

The scoring matrix is largely the same as previous years but there have been some new options added and changes to the points available in some domains. Additionally, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Achievements scored in multiple domains - previously the guidance forbade claiming for one achievement in two different domains, eg winning a poster for a presentation could only be claimed as a poster or a presentation but not both. This has now been changed so you are allowed to claim for the same source work in multiple areas, provided that you meet the criteria and guidance for each. The only exception is that you cannot claim for any presentations or posters relating to quality improvement in the presentations section; this is because the quality improvement section accounts for presenting results in that section.
  • Leadership and management - the scoring system has been expanded to include options for voluntary leadership and management roles held in a non-medical capacity; the role must meet the other criteria required in this section.
  • Prizes/awards - options for postgraduate regional and local prizes related to medicine have been included; previously all options except national prizes related purely to the primary medical qualification.

In most cases we will not be able to offer any guidance beyond that in the application scoring section of the website and the applying FAQs section and all applicants should refer to the website when completing this section of the application form.

Where you are unsure which option to choose, our general guidance is to read the website and use your professional judgement to select the highest one on the list that you feel you can justify between the text you will supply on the application form and the evidence you will bring to interview; interviewers are aware that the scoring matrix will not cover all options and provided that your selection and justification is reasonable assessment will not be overly stringent.