Physician recruitment in 2021 - indicative guidance regarding changes

The introduction of the new internal medicine curriculum means that early (previously “core”, now stage 1) stage training for medicine is changing from two to three years in duration. As a consequence, there will be no significant output of core trainees in 2021 to apply for higher specialty recruitment. The requirement to increase stage 1 to three years means that a large number of ST3-level posts will be used for the third year of Internal Medicine Training (IMY3).

This change has created uncertainty for trainees who need to understand their options for applying to programmes in 2021, especially those who have undertaken core medical training (CMT) or ACCS acute medicine (ACCS-AM) and wish to return to training at internal medicine year 3 (IMY3) to continue their physicianly training.

In consultation with trainee representatives and the JRCPTB, the four UK nations' training agencies have compiled indicative guidance detailing what can be expected over the next few years of physician training recruitment. This guidance can be downloaded from the Document Library  section of the website.

The guidance is indicative and subject to ratification by the Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection Programme Board, which is responsible for the recruitment of postgraduate trainees on behalf of the four UK nations, and therefore subject to change. It should therefore be regarded as a guide to the likely provision of training posts, to help trainees plan their careers.

IMY3 expressions of interest

Any trainee who is considering taking up an IMY3 post in the future is encouraged to submit an expression of interest via the following link:

This information is essential for programmes to aid their planning and will act as a mailing list to keep trainees who register up to date with the latest information about the IMY3 process. Therefore, it is strongly advised that trainees who have a future return date beyond 2021 (e.g. those in research posts) also submit an expression of interest to support this planning process.