ST3 2020 Round 2 – Update on plans

Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, plans for the second round of ST3 recruitment are being reviewed. Whilst these are not yet finalised, we can confirm recruitment is planned to go ahead but there will not be face-to-face interviews, i.e. where you attend a physical interview centre. It is hoped that, wherever possible, these will be replaced with an online interview. The timeline is expected to remain unchanged from that currently published.

We do not yet have confirmation of which specialties will be participating in Round 2 but this is likely to be similar to previous years (information of which can be found on the ‘Data’ tab of each specialty’s page). A news item will be published once we have more information on which specialties will be participating and what changes there will be to the assessment process in light of the COVID-19 outbreak; we anticipate that this will be in the first week of July.