ST3 Round 2 - Further update

Applicant guide -

We are pleased to confirm that the Round 2 applicant guide addendum has now been published to the website. This can now be downloaded from the document library here:

The applicant guide will give applicants an overview of how round 2 will run. Please download and read this guide as it will highlight all the major differences and inform you of the things you will need to know for this round.

Interview dates -

Please refer to the “interview dates & posts” tab under each specialty page which will have details of when each specialty will be holding their interviews.

Regions are still confirming interview dates and we will be updating these as these are received. We hope to have these all confirmed by the application closing date.  Interviews will take place between 14 September and 16 October 2020.

Interview format -

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there will be significant changes to how interviews will take place, as this also affects the general format of how they would usually run. All interviews will now be undertaken online using Microsoft Teams.

The interview format will be different for each specialty and specific details about how interviews will run will be available on each specialty page.We hope to have these updated on each specialty page on the website as they are confirmed to us by the closing date of application.

Please refer to the applicant guide which will have information to help you understand the changes involved.

Please do visit the website closer to the application closing date for updated information.