ST3 Round 2 - Further update on plans.

We had previously written that we expected R2 to go ahead. This is confirmation that R2 will proceed and some summary information with what we can confirm at this stage. 

There have been a few changes to the timeline, and you will see that the interview window has been extended. All dates have been moved a further two weeks. Please check the timeline page for round two to see the updates.

Online interviews -
All specialties will be conducting online interviews for R2 with no face to face interviews. Further information around this will be available in due course and how this will work.

Specialty participation and non-participation in R2 -
We can confirm the following specialties will be participating in round 2 of ST3 recruitment:

  • acute internal medicine
  • allergy
  • audiovestibular medicine
  • clinical pharmacology & therapeutics
  • combined infection training
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology & diabetes mellitus
  • gastroenterology
  • genitourinary medicine
  • geriatric medicine
  • haematology
  • immunology
  • neurology
  • palliative medicine
  • rehabilitation medicine
  • renal medicine
  • respiratory medicine
  • rheumatology


The following specialties will not be participating:


  • cardiology
  • clinical genetics
  • clinical neurophysiology
  • medical oncology
  • medical ophthalmology
  • sport and exercise medicine.



Evidence verification -
As part of R2 applications, all applicants will be required to submit their evidence folder electronically. This will be confirmed if required at time of application or after applying and guidance on this will be issued in due course.


Interview dates - 
It is planned to confirm all interview dates by the opening date of applications. These will be viewable in the "Interview dates & posts" tab of each specialty's page as and when they are confirmed.


Post Numbers -
Provisional post numbers will be published in the same place which can be viewed alongside interview dates. This is aimed to be published by the end of next week.


Applicant guide -
This will be published to the website document library approximately one week prior to applications opening; this will contain further information about the round and what to expect at interview.


When more information will be available -
At present this is the information available and able to be shared. Further updates will be made to the website in the coming weeks so please do keep checking in regularly.