Updated version of the alternative certificate for application to Group 1 specialties in 2022

The alternative certificate for trainees who wish to enter a group 1 medical specialty in 2022 has been available on the ST3 Recruitment website for some weeks. An updated version is now available from the Document Library.

Concerns have been expressed about the times specified for experience in both geriatrics and critical care.  These concerns have been taken seriously. To ensure that trainee progression is based on the acquisition of capabilities, rather than time spent in any particular clinical area, the requirements of the alternative certificate have changed. The time requirements specified for both geriatric medicine and critical care, has been replaced with demonstration of the curriculum defined capabilities. 

In the past few months, capabilities may have been acquired working within an acute COVID ward that has been providing enhanced levels of care to many, often elderly, patients. This experience may be sufficient to meet curriculum requirements.

The consultant counter-signing the alternative certificate must personally have knowledge, or be able to refer to those who do, of the applicant’s capabilities before signing it.

All are reminded that trainees already in Internal Medicine training posts do not need to have the certificate completed as the acquisition of relevant capabilities will have been monitored during the training period and be demonstrated via their ARCP; this includes those undertaking a stand-alone IMY3 post.

Ongoing validity of the alternative certificate

We have received questions about whether the 2022 version of the certificate will be valid in subsequent years. It is expected that this will be the case and, barring any major curriculum changes, it is expected to be valid for subsequent years.

It is normal for the alternative certificate to be updated each year and this will advise on which previous versions remain valid.

If you have already been using the original version of the 2022 certificate, this is equally valid and you do not need to switch to the updated one.