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ST3 Recruitment

Welcome to the ST3 Recruitment website!

ST3 recruitment is coordinated by Specialty Recruitment Office at the JRCPTB . Information regarding the recruitment process is included within this website for all specialties participating in ST3 recruitment in 2014 ( listed here ).

ST3 posts within these specialties in England, Scotland & Wales will be entered into the ST3 recruitment process described on this website, plus posts in neurology and palliative medicine for Northern Ireland.

2015 ST3 recruitment

The first round of 2015 ST3 recruitment is scheduled to begin at 10am on Tuesday 17 February 2015 . To view the full (provisional) timeline, please visit the dates / posts section of this website.

Information on the recruitment process

Much of this website's content is still specific to 2014, as this year's recruitment process has only recently drawn to a close. Between now and the end of the year, all of the website be updated to reflect 2015 ST3 recruitment specifically.

In the meantime, much of the information contained on this website (and the applicants' guide available from this page) will still be applicable to 2015 recruitment.

New specialties

One item which we can announce for 2015 is that three new specialties will be participating in the JRCPTB-coordinated ST3 recruitment process, in addition to 'our' existing 19 partner specialties.

These are: audiovestibular medicine , clinical genetics and sport & exercise medicine .


Due to the large amount of information held within this site, paragraph 'sliders' have been employed in many areas to allow this to be better presented.

Wherever a slider   ‹ header ›   is shown, click on it to reveal the hidden text (as you just have, and as below:)

Information on each participating specialty and region can be found within the specialties and deaneries/LETBs sections of the site.

The dates/posts section of this website contains information on the overall recruitment timeline; the numbers of post vacancies in each specialty and deanery/LETB; and the dates on which interviews will be held for each specialty.

Information to check before you begin an application includes ensuring you are eligible for any specialty programmes to which you are considering applying - via the am I eligible? section.

Please also familiarise yourself with the recruitment process, through the how do I apply? section.

Information is included in the  application form section  about using the form; including details of the application form scoring criteria.

If you are found to be eligible, and your application scores highly enough, you will progress to interview ; if you are successful at interview, you will potentially receive a post offer and employment .

Should you be unable to find the information you are seeking, and/or you have a question relating to ST3 recruitment, you may find the solution in the FAQs section of the website.

The most common queries received on ST3 recruitment have been added here, and grouped into particular categories for ease of use (eg eligibility , application , interview , etc.)

Should you wish to contact any of the regions involved in ST3 recruitment - or any other body - please visit the contacts section of the site.

Applicants' guide

The RCP-SRO publishes a summary applicants' guide, overviewing all areas of the recruitment/application process.

A separate guide for the two rounds in 2014 will be available from the left-hand side of this webpage; each guide will be published approximately one month prior to applications opening.


If you cannot find an answer to a question, the RCP-SRO runs an email helpdesk which can be contacted with any queries relating to ST3 recruitment.

The RCP-SRO will respond to queries within two working days (ie excluding bank holidays and weekends) where possible. To contact the helpdesk, please send an email to .

Any important announcements will be added to this website and noted in the news section , as well as being announced on our twitter feed ; please click either the link or the twitter button (above left) to access our feed and follow us there.


Best wishes, and good luck with your application(s),


Professor David Black
JRCPTB medical director

Dr Gillian Dilke-Wing
ST3 recruitment clinical lead

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