On the whole round 2 runs very similarly to round 1. The main difference is that round 2 all regions will use the national single centre model of recruitment (see below).

Regions will make available any ST3 programmes scheduled to begin in August 2017, which were either not filled in round 1, or have subsequently become available. Not all specialties will participate although the majority will.

This website will be updated with round 2 specific information nearer the time of the round opening along with confirmation of which specialties will be participating - please check the relevant page for each specialty. The FAQs area contains a section on round 2 with further guidance on common questions.


When the round 2 timeline becomes available, it will be published on the timeline page of this website. Changes to any of the stages of the timeline will be reflected immediately on the timeline page, as well as noted in a news item where considered necessary.

National single centre model

You will not be required to give any preferences of particular regions when completing your application; you are applying purely for the specialty at that stage.

Later on, you will be required to give preferences of the available posts – at that point, you can opt to be considered for as many (or as few) post vacancies available nationally as you wish.

Lead region and single centre interviews

Each specialty will nominate a particular region to act as lead for the round. This lead region will review all applications, liaise with all candidates, host interviews, verify assessments, and make offers on behalf of all regions nationally.

Your application will be handled solely by the lead region throughout the entire round, up to the point where you receive and accept an offer; after which it will be transferred to the region where the post is based for pre-employment checks.

All interviews will be held at this lead region although the clinicians making up the interview panel will be drawn from a national background – ie not just from the host region.

Applying in both rounds