National stroke medicine recruitment

We are pleased to announce a new national recruitment process for in the sub-specialty of stroke medicine for programmes in England and Wales, starting from August 2019. Previously all... more

Oriel system maintenance on 6 November 2018

Please note that due to scheduled sysyem maintenance from 8am - 1pm on Tuesday 6 November 2018 the Oriel system will be offline during these times. All visitors to the live Oriel... more

2018 ST3 round 2 applications now closed

As of 4pm, Thursday 16 August 2018, applications for ST3 round 2 2018 are closed, and no further applications will be accepted. Late applications cannot and will not be accepted... more

2019 rounds 1 and 2 now confirmed

The timelines for round 1 and 2 of 2019 ST3 recruitment have now been confirmed and published to the timeline page of this website. Please note that interview dates and host regions are in... more

ST3 2018 round 2 open for applications

As of 10am this morning, Tuesday 31 July 2018, ST3 recruitment round 2 is now open for applications through the Oriel website! The window for applications closes on Thursday 16 July 2018... more

2018 Round 1 fill rates and competition ratios published

The website has been updated with data from round 1 of the 2018 recruitment year. This includes: Application numbers and competition ratios. Vacancy numbers and fill rates. You can... more

ST3 2018 round 2 provisional post numbers published

The majority of provisional vacancy numbers for the specialties participating in round 2 have now been published to the website. There are still some regions within some specialties which... more

ST3 2018 round 2 job adverts/resp med and CPT interview date change

ST3 2018 round 2 job adverts have been published on the NHS Jobs website, and the links for all of them can be found on the ST3 adverts page of our website. Interview dates are available on... more

Round 2 applicant guidance and interview dates published

The interview dates for the specialties running in round 2 of ST3 recruitment in 2018 have now been confirmed. These can be found within the 'Interview dates & posts' section of each... more

Round 1 final score graphs updated

Following the error regarding the calculation of total scores, the graphs for each specialty with final scores data have been updated. These are published to the 'Data' tab of each... more

Changes to rules for demonstrating core competence in 2018 recruitment

There are a few changes to the rules for demonstrating core competence which will affect candidates: completing core medical training (CMT) more than three years prior to the advertised... more

Developments in medical training

A new internal medicine (IM) curriculum has been developed in response to Shape of Training and other drivers. The IM stage 1 curriculum has been submitted to the GMC and an approval... more