ST3 2020 R1 - Applications Open


As of 10am, Wednesday 29 January 2020, applications for ST3 round 1 2020 have opened and are scheduled to close on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at 4pm. Please ensure that you... more

ST3 Recruitment website updated for 2020


The ST3 website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2020 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which is available to be... more

Stroke medicine 2020 - applications closed


As of 4pm, Thursday 5 December 2019, applications for the national stroke medicine recruitment process for 2020 programmes are now closed, and no further applications will be accepted.... more

Website to be updated in preparation for 2020 recruitment


Please be aware that ST3 2019 Round 2 is now virtually complete and we will be updating this website over the coming weeks in preparation for 2020 recruitment. In the meantime, the 2020... more

2020 rounds 1 and 2 timeline published


The timelines for round 1 and 2 of 2020 ST3 recruitment have now been confirmed and published to the timeline page of this website. Please note that interview dates and host regions are... more

Information for applicants from the EU


You will be aware that the UK is in the process of leaving the European Union. This means freedom of movement will be affected. However, the NHS will continue to welcome and value staff and... more

Flexible Portfolio Training


New for 2019, are flexible portfolio training (FPT) posts, co-badged by Health Education England and the Royal College of Physicians. These are national training numbers in dual-accrediting... more

National stroke medicine recruitment


We are pleased to announce a new national recruitment process for in the sub-specialty of stroke medicine for programmes in England and Wales, starting from August 2019. Previously all... more

Developments in medical training


A new internal medicine (IM) curriculum has been developed in response to Shape of Training and other drivers. The IM stage 1 curriculum has been submitted to the GMC and an approval... more