2022 Recruitment – timeline published and update on the 2022 process


The information below is further to our previous news item with details about the 2022 recruitment process. Timeline The timeline has been published to the website with the general dates... more

2022 Recruitment – provisional information about the process


Details about the recruitment process for 2022 are being finalised over the next two months. Below is provisional information that we are able to publish at this stage. Timeline The... more

ST3 2021 R2 Application closed


As of 4pm, Tuesday 17th August 2021, applications for ST3 round 2 2021 have now closed. Please be aware applications cannot be amended once submitted.  For further information on the... more

ST3 2021 R2 - Applications Open


As of 10am, Tuesday 27th July 2021, applications for ST3 2021 Round 2 have now opened. Please be aware applications cannot be amended once submitted and late applications will not be... more

‘Alternative Certificate to Enter Group 2 Higher Physician Specialty Training 2022’ published


We are pleased to confirm that the Group 2 specialty version of the alternative certificate has been agreed and is available to download from the Document Library. Trainees using the... more

Vacancies published to Oriel & R2 Applicant guide


Vacancies All vacancies participating in ST3 recruitment round 2 are now published on Oriel. The vacancies are only viewable, however, applications will open on 27 July 2021 so you will not... more

Changes to MRCP(UK) alternative rules for 2022 recruitment


In recent years, higher physician specialty recruitment has operated ‘EEA alternative’ rules, which allowed EEA nationals who trained in an EEA country to apply without the... more

2021 Round 2 recruitment and website update


Timeline The timeline for ST3 Round 2 has been updated and can be viewed on the timeline page. Specialties participating Pending final confirmation from the Medical and Dental Recruitment... more

Updated version of the alternative certificate for application to Group 1 specialties in 2022


The alternative certificate for trainees who wish to enter a group 1 medical specialty in 2022 has been available on the ST3 Recruitment website for some weeks. An updated version is now... more

ST3 Recruitment website updated for 2021


The ST3 website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2021 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which is available to be... more