Round 2

After round 1 is complete, a second round of recruitment will be held which opens for applications in late-summer.

We have added a separate page with information about round 2.

2022 recruitment

Details on recruitment to higher medicine programmes starting from August 2022 will be added to this website in late 2021. The adoption of the new internal medicine recruitment programme, and the change in length of core training from two years to three years, will have a major impact on higher medicine recruitment in 2022. This is because some specialties require completion of two years of Internal Medicine Training (IMT) and some will require the full three years; meaning some specialties will recruit at ST3 level and some at ST4. 

The JRCPTB website has further information about which specialties fall into each category, summary information is below:

Group 1 specialties

Specialties which will dual accredit with general internal medicine will be recruiting at ST4 and it will necessary for applicants to have the same competence as someone completing the full three years of IMT to be able to take up a post.

This will either be by undertaking a three year IMT programme, completing core medical training or ACCS: acute medicine and undertaking a standalone IMY3 programme or using the standard 2022 'Alternative Certificate to Enter Group 1 Higher Physician Specialty Training'. This certificate has been published to the Document Library of the website to allow trainees planning on applying via this route to plan their training accordingly.

Group 2 specialties

These specialties will not dual accredit with general internal medicine and will continue to recruit at ST3 level. Applicants will either need to complete the second year of an IMT programme, have previously completed a core medical training or ACCS: acute medicine programme, or use the Group 2 version of the alternative certificate. This will be available from the Document Library when confirmed and is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2021; previous versions of the certificate will not be accepted for 2022 recruitment.  

Recruitment process

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot be sure whether recruitment will continue in 2022 with online interviews or there will be a return to face-to-face interview centres. The news page of the website will be the place to monitor major announcements about the process. In the interim, the content held on this website currently can be taken as a guide as to what to expect but bearing in mind there could be significant changes.

Local recruitment

In the meantime, there may be short-term ST3-level non-training posts being recruited to locally by hospitals.

Usually this will take the form of LAS (locum appointment for service) posts, and recruitment procedures and requirements will be set by the appointing region/hospital. Where posts are advertised depends on the nation where the post is based:

As this recruitment is carried out locally, vacancies could be advertised at any time and so you are advised to check back regularly if you are interested in seeking a post.