Below is the overall timetable for the national recruitment round.

Dates subject to change

Whist we do not expect the timelines published to change, please be aware that this can never be guaranteed. As such, you are advised to check this page periodically.

Changes to any of the stages of the timeline will be reflected immediately on this page, as well as noted in a news item where considered necessary.


Timeline for 2020 stroke medicine recruitment


Provisional vacancies published

(by) Tuesday 12 November 2019


open – Thursday 14 November 2019 (10am, UK time)
close - Thursday 5 December 2019 (4pm, UK time)


(completed by) Friday 20 December 2019

Invitation to interview

(sent by) Friday 20 December 2019

Interviews held

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Programme preferences open (approximate)

open - Tuesday 14 January 2020
close - Monday 20 January 2020

Offers made

the first set of offers are anticipated to be made by Wednesday 22 January 2020

Offer holding deadline

Wednesday 29 January 2020 (1pm, UK time)

Offer upgrade deadline

Friday 31 January 2020 (4pm, UK time)

Interview feedback released

(by) Friday 31 January 2020

Posts commencing from date

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Provisional programme numbers

It is the intention that initial programme numbers for all regions will be published prior to the application opening date, although this cannot be guaranteed. Numbers will be updated as and when notifications are received from each region and will be checked later in the round when programme preferences are open for selection.

Please note that stroke medicine programmes in Scotland are recruited via a separate process so are not represented here. There is a separate website for details about vacancies and the process in Scotland.

Vacancies from last year's recruitment can be seen in the data section



East Midlands


East of England


London & KSS





North East


North West



(North Western)


South West





Thames Valley




West Midlands


Yorkshire and the Humber





Who to contact will depend on the nature of the query:

General / application queries

For general queries relating to areas such as eligibility criteria, making an application or the Oriel system, please contact the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office via email: [email protected]

Information about training in a specific region

Queries relating to programme numbers, location of vacancies or the stroke medicine programme in a specific region, should be directed to the relevant region.

Progress of your application

Queries regarding the progress of a submitted application or attending interview should be directed to the lead recruiter. The lead recruiter for stroke medicine in 2019 is Thames Valley.


Health Education Thames Valley


email address

[email protected] 


There is only planned to be one national round of stroke medicine in 2020 which covers England and Wales; please go to the relevant nation to seek information about recruitment to stroke medicine in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Should there be vacancies unfilled from the national round, or they subsequently arise, each region will decide whether they wish to run their own local round.

The timing for any local recruitment will vary on the region so you are advised to contact the region(s) in which you are interested in working directly. All vacancies will be advertised via Oriel and the NHS recruitment portal used by that nation:



As this is the first year of national stroke medicine recruitment, there is not any data from previous rounds to help guide your application.

Once data is available to publish from the 2019 recruitment round it will be added here. This will include:

  • Competition ratios - application numbers submitted alongside the total vacancies.
  • Application scores - average scores, the distribution and, where applicable, information about the minimum score needed to qualify for interview.
  • Total scores – the total score awarded to all candidates who completed the full recruitment process for a specialty (application and interview), including some analysis of scores.
  • Fill rates - the number of vacancies available and number filled by region.