Issue with 2020 round 1 palliative medicine offers


There has been an issue found with scores from the recent ST3 palliative medicine recruitment process. The trainees whose outcome has been impacted have been contacted. For further details... more

ST3 2020 R1 - COVID-19 update - revised assessment process


Following previous announcements about contingency arrangements in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the revised assessment process for the first round of ST3 Recruitment has been... more

ST3 2020 R1 – COVID-19 Update - Interviews Postponed


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all face to face interviews, not yet conducted, for recruitment have been postponed. This is in line with advice from Public Health England to help contain the... more

ST3 2020 Round 1 applications now closed


As of 10am, Monday 24 February 2020, applications for ST3 round 1 2020 are now closed, and no further applications will be accepted. Late applications cannot and will not be accepted under... more

Issues with Oriel


We have been made aware that the Oriel system was down for a number of hours overnight and that some applicants are having problems submitting their applications ahead of today’s... more

ST3 2020 R1 - Application Deadline Extended - Issues with Oriel


Oriel was unavailable on the night of Tuesday 18 February 2020 between the hours of 21:25 and 07:50 on Wednesday 19 February due to a technical problem with the hosting provider. To ensure... more

Physician recruitment in 2021 - indicative guidance regarding changes


The introduction of the new internal medicine curriculum means that early (previously “core”, now stage 1) stage training for medicine is changing from two to three years in... more

ST3 2020 R1 - Applications Open


As of 10am, Wednesday 29 January 2020, applications for ST3 round 1 2020 have opened and are scheduled to close on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at 4pm. Please ensure that you... more

ST3 Recruitment website updated for 2020


The ST3 website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2020 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which is available to be... more

Stroke medicine 2020 - applications closed


As of 4pm, Thursday 5 December 2019, applications for the national stroke medicine recruitment process for 2020 programmes are now closed, and no further applications will be accepted.... more